Board-certified Bakersfield surgeon Dr. Rafael Lemus-Rangel is considered a pioneer of surgical medicine due to his use of robotics in surgery. Utilizing new technological advances, this Bakersfield surgeon performs minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) that have numerous benefits to patients.


More Precision

Minimally invasive surgery often uses video-enabled equipment. This technology works to the surgeon’s advantage by offering more control over the necessary visual field and enhancing overall optic ability. The benefits of MIS extend to both surgeons and patients. For surgeons, this enhanced viewing allows for greater precision in their incisions. For patients, MIS ensures a safer and more accurate procedure.

Less Pain

Minimally invasive surgical procedures yield less post-operation pain and discomfort in patients. In the many studies on MIS, researchers found that MIS patients require fewer pain relievers than traditional surgery patients do.

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Decreased Injury & Scarring

In traditional surgeries, incisions are large and usually cut through muscle. Unlike skin, muscle takes a significant amount of time to heal. Due to the fact that MIS procedures require smaller incisions, surgeons can avoid cutting into muscles. As a result, MIS procedures lead to minimal tissue damage and smaller, less jagged scars.

Shorter Stay, Faster Recovery

MIS patients typically have a discharge period of 23-hours. This time frame is much shorter than the average discharge time for traditional surgery patients.

Along with earlier hospital leave, MIS patients return to work and normal life activities an average of 4 weeks earlier than patients who have gone through traditional surgery.


About The Bakersfield Surgeon

Dr. Lemus-Rangel is a top Bakersfield surgeon with years of professional experience.  On the cutting edge of medicine, Dr. Lemus-Rangel is one of the few doctors who specializes in robotic surgery. Contact him today at 661.481.1793 to learn more about his innovative procedures.