Dr. Lemus-Rangel, a Bakersfield hernia surgery expert stresses the benefits of laparoscopic procedures for inguinal hernia repair.

Bakersfield hernia surgery

Laparoscopic treatment is a relatively new adaptation in the field of medicine. Laparoscopic surgery generally involves the use of robotic devices to aid surgeons in performing extremely precise and otherwise impossible surgeries. Recent technological advancements have allowed robotics surgery to not only be less invasive than standard open surgery, but also provides patients with quicker recovery times and less risk.

This being said, options for patients who suffer from obesity have often been overlooked due to the well-understood learning curve associated with the adaptation of laparoscopic repair. Because of this, the effectiveness of laparoscopic surgery and more specifically laparoscopic surgery in robotic inguinal hernia repair has been unclear. However, recent studies indicate promising results for patients suffering from obesity as well as for the field of medical robotics.

The Case Study

Seven surgeons conducted a chart review comparing standard open inguinal hernia repair to robotic-assisted inguinal hernia repair for patients who also identified as obese. The study showed that a significantly higher percentage of patients who underwent open inguinal hernia repair experienced some form of post-op complications. Obese patients who underwent robotic-assisted inguinal hernia repair experienced a lower rate of postoperative discomfort and complications. The results of this study shine a light on the efficiency and effectiveness of robotic-assisted surgeries and give promise to the increased adoption of minimally-invasive inguinal hernia repair.

About Dr. Lemus-Rangel

Dr. Lemus-Rangel is a Bakersfield hernia surgery expert and has been helping patients for years throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Dr. Lemus Rangel believes in robotic surgery and offers robotic-assisted treatment options to patients whenever it may be deemed appropriate. Dr. Lemus Rangel understands that robotic surgery is a relatively new field of treatment, so initial anxiety may be common. Because of this, Dr. Lemus Rangel works closely with each of his patients to ensure that they have a full understanding of the machines, the procedure as well as a full understanding of the surgical process. If you require hernia surgery, contact Dr. Lemus-Rangel, the Bakersfield hernia surgery expert, at 661.481.1793 or visit https://www.drlemusrangel.com.