Help relieve the stress by learning what to expect and how to make recovery a breeze by visiting a Beverly Hills hernia surgery specialist like Dr. Lemus-Rangel.

For many patients, surgery can be intimidating because you don’t know what to expect.

After a hernia surgery is completed it is crucial the patient obtains as much rest as possible for an optimal recovery. All patients are different; some patients may experience a quicker recovery than others. To make this process smoother, we have constructed a general guideline of what to expect during the recovery process.

Week 1
In the beginning stages of the recovery process, the patient must rest as much as possible. It is normal for patients to be dealing with pain during this time. Patients will be prescribed medication to cope with any pain. They must avoid going to school and work, but should be ready to go back around the fourth day after surgery.

Week 2
The second week after surgery, patients should begin regaining some of their strength and will be able to do a light physical activity. It is advised by Beverly Hills hernia surgery specialists to not lift anything too heavy. Experiencing pains and discomfort are still normal and may be treated with Tylenol.

Week 3Beverly Hills hernia surgery
By the third week, patients are getting closer to fully recovering and may begin increasing the intensity of their workouts slowly. If lifting weights, it is advised no more than twenty pounds. Some patients at this point will not experience any more pains and will no longer need medication for pain relief.

Week 4
On the fourth week after surgery, patients should have regained most of their strength back. There is no limitation on the amount they can lift and physical activities they can take part in. Nevertheless, it is important to note that pains may still be present after several weeks of surgery but will slowly decrease over time.

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